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A compelling account of shady business practices and historical events as it affects the economy and the small investors on Wall Street. Be informed about executives of mega-corporations, banks, and mortgage companies that inflate their egos with greed and illicit trading.


Wall Street has become inextricably linked with the word ‘scandal,’ and Winston Overton’s book reinforces this sorry fact by detailing business and financial scandals that have made news over several decades.
~Clarion Review

Winston Overton has written this book to alert investors to the dangers and risks of stock market investing, urging them to do their homework and not blindly trust the so-called experts. Although he spent more than 20 years in banking and at the American Stock Exchange before retiring in 2002, Overton is scathing about the dishonesty, shoddy ethics and sheer greed among the movers and shakers of the financial world.

Will greed and misuse of investors’ funds ever stop?” Overton wonders. Pondering the still-unfolding LIBOR scandal over the fixing of London interbank interest rates, he’s not optimistic.
~Blueink Review

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